We all want to look good and feel better.  With so much information out there and so little time, it’s hard to know what is best for you. 
I devote my time to understanding health and well-being, so you don’t have to.
With my background as a medical Doctor, I sort the fact from the fiction and provide lifestyle guidance to help make a happy, healthy and beautiful you.
You will learn powerful yoga techniques such as stretching, breathing and meditation to minimise your stress levels and understand what way of eating is best for you to manage your weight and energy.
Whatever your goals or ailments, I’m here to help.

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“My overall stress levels after a hard week at work are noticeably improved, Dr Fleur is a talented teacher who understands individual needs and objectives.” Tom, 38

“Dr Fleur's sensitive and individual approach focuses on every aspect of health, diet and energy levels. I am now feeling energised, calm and physically fit.” Emily, 28.

“Whatever your goals or ailments,

I’m here to help.”

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